In the framework of the organization of the 9th edition West Africa Forum on Internet governance, Benin was chosen by the commission of the Ecowas, as host country to host this event which will take place in Cotonou on two (2) days, July 27-28, 2017 at the Golden Tulip diplomat in Cotonou.

Indeed, the stakes of the Internet are now beyond the mere role of “communication tool” that it was in its early days. As the issues associated with it are numerous, the governance of the Internet is now seen as a broader concept that includes different issues both political and technical. Africa has seen the interest of participating in international negotiations on Internet governance, in order to contribute to the development of the continent, is very active on the subject since the WSIS process.
Thus, the Government of Benin, through the Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication (MENC) actively supports the event and decides to wear it as one of the initiatives fulfilling the objectives of making Benin, a platform for digital services in West Africa, but Also a central hub of the digital regional.

The 9th edition of the WAIGF Bring together stakeholders in the Internet governance of the sub-region in order to discuss and exchange on good practices and the development of the Internet, and to foster a sharing of experiences and knowledge thus allowing an overall view of the position of the subregion in matters of ICTs and the Internet.

Follow the remote forum by registering on these two links:

Day 1 – July 27, 2017—- Https://
Day two – July 28, 2017—- Https://