Call for interest: Hosting the 7th WAIGF…

Terms of references

  • Fundraising and organizing the regional face to face Internet Governance Forum.
  • Work hand in hand with the national resource person to ensure participation of key stakeholders at the forum such as the Government, Academia, Civil Society, Media, Private Sector, Regulator(s) and other interest groups from the region.
  • Liaise with the national coordinators in preparing the program, theme, content, speakers etc.
  • Produce a regional Internet Governance Forum report, (10days ) after the forum to be sent to the members who were present at the forum for any corrections/editions, (7days ) a total of (21days) after the forum, the report should be posted and published on the website.
  • Produce attendance register and photos for the regional forum with a event s report to the National coordinators and financial report to the partners/sponsors.
  • Publicizing the regional IGF event, through social media, local newspapers and different mailing lists.
  • Develop a national support team to assist in the logistics (invitation letters, accommodation, local travel etc), liaising with the national coordinators.
  • Where possible information on the progress of the planning and tourism details to be forwarded and published on the website, periodically.
  • Provide accommodation and local travel AT LEAST for 20 regional participants

Who can apply?
Any country within the region

What would it take to qualify?
A signed and stamped letter(s) from Government, Regulator, private
sector, Academia and a Civil society organization as partners of this event.

What is the deadline?
October 15th 2013 at 23:59 GMT

How to apply?
Send proposals to

When will we know of the status?
Exactly TWO weeks(14days) after closing the application period.