Biography: Salieu Mansaray

Salieu Mansaray
National Coordinator and Focal Person, Sierra Leone Internet Governance Forum Secretariat
Salieu Mansaray is the focal person for IGF in Sierra Leone. Salieu Mansaray is a certified Network Engineer and holds a Master of Science in Advanced Information Technology from the University of Wales. Salieu has been coordinating the Sierra Leone IGF since 2010. Between 2007 and 2015, Salieu was Technical Advisor to The Vice President of Sierra Leone. He is currently the Chief Commercial Officer of Sierra Leone Cable Limited, the National ICT Infrastructure Company under the Government of Sierra Leone Ministry of Information and Communications. Salieu Mansaray also lecturers (Part-Time) on Information Communications Technology at the University of Sierra Leone.

In 2010, Salieu was the coordinator for the hosting of the 6th Edition of the West Africa Internet Governance Forum in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The event was well attended by sub-regional representatives and Sierra Leonean nationals. The Vice President of Sierra Leone delivered the keynote address and launched the forum. In 2017, Salieu Mansaray was requested by ECOWAS to represent the West Africa Internet Governance Forum at the Global Internet Governance Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. Salieu has delivered several papers at both national and regional IGF events. For the forthcoming WAIGF in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Salieu will be delivering a presentation on Access and Infrastructure as Fundamentals of Digital Economic Growth.