Biography: Mrs. THIAM Ndèye Fatou COUNDOUL


Mrs. Thiam Ndèye Fatou Coundoul,

Technical Advisor in Computer Science,

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Coordinator of the Study and Planning Unit of MPT

Biography of Mrs. Thiam Ndèye Fatou Coundoul

Mrs. Thiam Ndèye Fatou Coundoul, Engineer in Computer Science, is Technical Advisor in Computer Science at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Coordinator of the Study and Planning Unit of MPT.

She participates in the elaboration and implementtation of ICT policies in Senegal. She’s working now on digital Senegal projects and how to create more jobs and ressources by ICT.

Mrs. Thiam is a member of the Cybersecurity Working Group in Senegal and the Senegalese Association for Security Information Systems (ASSI).

She has been appointed under various ministerial departments, Technical Advisor in charge of ICT, the promotion of ICT in the uses and in the seminars and conferences in the international, the training of the agents of the department…

Expert in ICT and strategy development, she is certified by the GESCI (UN) in African Leadership in ICT (LATIC) and by on child online protection training organized by the GSMA.

Mrs. Ndèye Fatou Coundoul Thiam followed several trainings including the one organized by the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) on cyber security in Washington DC, by Microsoft on security policies, UNCTAD on the use of digital technology in development of Electronic Commerce and Legal Aspects, by SETYM on Results-Based Management (RBM) and Project Planning, Development and Management.

On the academic level Mrs. Thiam graduated from the Joseph Fourrier University of Grenoble (France) in dual COMPUTER SCIENCE, after a DEA of Applied Mathematics at the University of Dakar.

She also holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science applied to GIS and is one of the first African women Head of satellite station HRPT / NOAA and MDD of the Agrhymet Regional Center of Niamey in Niger as an international expert, and Head of the HRPT / NOAA station of the Ecological Monitoring Center of Dakar where she managed besides, the system of information, the web site, the messaging and the Internet network.