Biography: Montrésor KONAN

Montrésor KONAN
Engineer in Information Systems and IT Project Management
My name is Montrésor KONAN, I am an engineer in information systems and IT project management. Digital Manager at Phoenix PHD and also co-founder of SecuRouteCI, a start-up specializing in the production of technological solutions based on Raspberry Pi for road safety in Ivory Coast.

Member of Ovillage CI, a civil society organization that promotes collective intelligence and entrepreneurship, I am interested in issues related to the development of the Internet in Africa. As a result, I contribute by participating in the discussions that take place in the Internet Society and ICANN (NSGC) focus groups.

In addition, I am a blogger on the website, where I discuss topics and share information related to the governance of the Internet.

Finally, I am working with friends from Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal on the “African Youth For Internet Development” project which is presented as a working group to pilot strategies for engaging young africans in the future of the Internet