Biography: Koffi Fabrice DJOSSOU

Koffi Fabrice DJOSSOU
Sales Manager for West and Central Africa at Gilat Telecom
Koffi Fabrice DJOSSOU is Sales Manager for West and Central Africa at Gilat Telecom, Israeli based company. Prior to Gilat Telecom, Koffi was the Senior Director of sales at ABSatellite. For many years, Koffi led the dotAfrica project with the African Union and ZACR, a South African based entity which performs the technical and administrative functions of the dotAfrica Top level domain (Internet registry and infrastructure).

Koffi Fabrice DJOSSOU is the resource person for CODESRIA (Council for the Development for Social Science in Africa). IEEE member and steerCom member of the Global Forum, Koffi is a telecommunication engineer with more than 10 years experience in ICT related to project management, strategy and policy development.

Koffi is the author of the following articles
– ICT strategic component of the USA-AFRICA partnership
– How to establish a dynamic Africa ICT industry