Biography: Anna Anet Sambou


Anna Anet Sambou,
Assistant Coordinator,
Gambia YMCA Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio

Biography of Anna Anet Sambou

Anna Anet Sambou is the Assistant Coordinator, overseeing the Admin and Finance at the Gambia YMCA Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio and also the lead web developer for all web development projects. She teaches part time on web technologies and also coordinates the TOEFL iBT Examination which is the only accredited centre in the Gambia. She is an active member of the Information Technology of the Gambia and has been instrumental in many ICT related events in The Gambia, notably the Internet Governance Forums, GDG Gambia Chapter, Google Business and Technology Forums among others.

Anna Anet from a very young age has been very passionate about the development of young people and all her work over the years has been centered on capacity building, empowering young people especially girls to acquire a skill and know their rights.

She founded and launched SHOAW Gambia, an initiative that seeks to address the increasing harassment and online abuse of women and girls in The Gambia, with the aim of making girls safe online which as we know technology is advancing and as more people are getting connected online daily, the easy use of social media platforms increases the ability of online women abuses and the internet being a fundamental human rights must be used responsibly.

Anna Anet is also a One Young World Ambassador, she attended the One Young World Summit 2018 in The Hague last year which gathered 1500 young leaders around the world to talk and come up with innovative solutions for global challenges.